MyFoundation started as a dream to see communities being transformed. To bring individuals and businesses in contact with charities that require financial assistance through an organized and transparent platform.


Foundation profile:

Here a Foundation profile can be created by an individual, business, or NPO. Once their Foundation Profile is created, they can choose a Project to support.

Charity profile:
Here a Charity (Church or NPO) can create a profile where people can learn more about their organisation.

This is a specific Project that a Charity needs funding and support for.

How does it work?
  • Setup your Foundation profile (fundraising page)
  • Choose the projects you want to get involved in
  • Start funding the projects
  • Start a campaign using social media and share your Projects with friends
Frequently Asked Questions
NPO’s and Churches will be allowed to register as charities. Once their Charity is registered on MyFoundation, they will be able to register a Project that they require financial assistance for.
MyFoundation will approve all charities involved, as these charities must be organizations that impact their community and have a positive record. Through MyFoundation charities will have the opportunity to specify specific needs and give their Projects exposure at no cost.
MyFoundation creates opportunities for individuals and businesses that are passionate about bringing change, to create their own Foundation profile page, where they can:

  • Get financially involved with Projects of approved charities in areas that they feel passionate about;
  • Choose the area where their money will make a difference;
  • See regular updates of the progress of their chosen Project.
  • Invite friends, family and colleagues to join in supporting their chosen Project.
  • Share their profile and the Projects they support through social media.
  • Get BEE benefits and 18A certificates on certain approved Projects.
Dr. Louis Blom (CEO Judea Harvest)
Stefaan Rietoff (CEO onTV)
Hanlie Rietoff (Managing Director onTV)
Raymond Watt (CEO Brain Gear)
Leaders with a heart to make the world a better place
To start fundraising on MyFoundation

  1. Click on "create your own Foundation."
  2. Set up your Foundation Profile by following the steps
  3. Create your username and password
  4. Login by using your username and password
  5. You are now in your profile
  6. Click on iew Foundation
  7. Click on edit Profile
  8. Click on Save Changes
  9. To add a Project
  10. Click on edit Profile
  11. Choose a Project you want to support by click on "Add Project"
  12. Choose a Project by click on any Project
  13. Click on Add to Foundation
  14. Click on Add to Foundation in the available Foundation block
  15. To view your Foundation
  16. Click on Back to my profile
  17. Click on Foundation
  18. Click on View Foundation
  1. In your Profile
  2. Click in view Foundation
  3. Click on add Project
  4. Choose a Project you want to support
  5. Click on Add to Foundation
  6. Click on Add to Foundation in the available Foundation block
  1. Click on "register a Charity"
  2. Choose between a NPO or Church (Only NPO`s and Churches are allowed to register Projects)
  3. Set up your Charity Profile by following the steps
  4. Create your username and password
  5. Login by using your username and password
  6. You are now in your profile
  7. Click on view Charity
  8. Click on edit Profile
  9. Click on save changes
There will be a 48 hour approval period for a new Charity before the Project will be on the Find a Project page
  1. In your profile Click on view Charity
  2. Click on "Add Project"
  3. Fill in the form and save
  4. You are now in now in your Project Profile
  5. Edit page
  6. Choose a picture for your Project Profile
  7. Click on about and fill in detail of the Project
  8. Click on Media and choose photos of the Project
  9. Recent activities is where one can block weekly
  10. Click on Submit
There will be a 48 hour approval period for a new Charity before the Project will be on the Find a Project page.
MyFoundation is a public benefit organization with registration number IT020914/2014.
MyFoundation will receive a nominal 10% fulfillment fee. This enables MyFoundation to cover operating costs - finding and vetting Projects, providing training and giving support to Project leaders, attracting donors, and maintaining an innovative, informative web presence.
It also includes the fees assessed by vendors for credit card processing, mobile giving, wired transfers, and other fees charged by financial institutions.
MyFoundation also has a market strategy where the fundraisers is actively involved in marketing the Projects on MyFoundation.  
If there was a fundraiser involved, a further 10% commission could be payable.
MyFoundation is on a South African platform, but you don’t have to be in South African to fund or donate to Projects.  Anyone with a Visa or Master card can fund or donate to a Project. 
EFT payments can also be made in South Africa.
Email admin@myfoundation.co.za for banking details.
A company has to register a Foundation profile in the company’s name.
When a payment is made to a BEE approved Project, MyFoundation will email the certificate as soon as the payment confirmation is received.

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